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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Israeli Operation: Over 500 Palestinians killed in shelling of Gaza

Despite rising casualties, Israel is continuing to pound Gaza. At least 10 militants were killed as they crossed the border through two tunnels. 35 more civilians were killed in southern Gaza as Prime Minister Netanyahu vows to continue operations 'as much as needed' despite the casualties. A humanitarian truce lasted less than an hour on Sunday before both sides blamed each other for violating it. RT's Harry Fear has more.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Radical Young Israelis and the Price Tag Attacks: Rockets and Revenge

For a few years, a young radical group of Israeli settlers in the West Bank have committed random acts of violence and vandalization against Palestinians and their property to make them pay the price for affronting their way of life. They call themselves "Pricetaggers," and they've largely avoided prosecution by Israeli authorities.

VICE News gets rare access to the young members of the Price Tag movement -- at the homecoming of Moriah Goldberg, 20, who just finished a 3-month sentence for throwing stones at Palestinians. She and her family remain proud of the act, even as the current conflict in Gaza was sparked after an all too familiar round of retributive violence.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stones and Teargas: Police clash with pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris

French police have clashed with thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters who defied a ban in Paris on marching to demonstrate against the Israeli offensive in Gaza. Some of the protesters threw stones and other objects at riot police, who responded with rounds of tear gas. French authorities banned a pro-Palestinian march after a protest last Sunday turned violent, with two synagogues attacked.


Ukrainian Emergency services remove bodies from MH17 crash site

The bodies of the victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were removed from the crash site near the settlement of Grabovo, Donetsk region, Saturday. The Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, which was en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, went down in eastern Ukraine on Thursday. The aircraft was flying at an altitude of around 10,600 metres (34,700 feet) when ground control lost contact. It has not yet been confirmed how the plane was brought down. 

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